All Alone In The Danger Zone


01. Head First | 02. Dressed In Gold | 03. Class Of Inevitable Doom | 04. The New Light | 05. An Awkward Situation | 06. Every Man Is A Three Mile Island | 07. A Disaster Worth Celebrating | 08. Ctrl-Alt-Obsolete | 09. The Working Dead | 10. Dead Silent Spring | 11. Upon A Star | 12. In The Shadow Of The Green Sun

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In 2021, the time has come for the world to take part in Haerdsmaelta’s first full-length album, All Alone In The Danger Zone. Recorded during scattered days in 2020 with producer Lawrence Mackrory. The album is a big step forward regarding both song structures and the overall feel of the groups patented negative positiveness. The band themselves describes the album being much closer to the idea of how they want to sound. Lyrically touching on both more personal issues like having a close relative disappearing into dementia to an overall bloated journey straight into the dark and rotten heart of humanity, containing a total of 12 songs all focused on how mankind has failed miserably when it comes to being reasonable.

When listening to All Alone In The Danger Zone, you are offered a place at a large round table where the world’s corrupt dictators celebrate their successes while death serves pills on a silver platter. All hope for the future is extinguished as if it was a candle in a birthday cake. But, despite the somewhat dystopian appearance and the end of the world-scenario described by main lyricist Aeberg, there’s a hint of hope and willingness to fight the prevailing system. The wish for a new world order. A wish for something new and better. A friendlier more sustainable world to live in. Focusing on the negative sides of life in general hopefully makes people discover and appreciate the positive sides of life.

The band describes the album like this; “We really think we took Haerdsmaelta to next level with this album. We are satisfied with how the songs came together. The material is diverse, but interlinked. A good mix of punk, metal, and rock n’ roll. You might even find some pop in there if you listen carefully. Just as we like it. We have discovered that a good thing with not really being able to sing or play is that no matter what you do, the sound does not get too polished or “produced”. The lyrics are all different ways to describe of how our civilization is about to commit a slow but massive and collective suicide. Humans are in so many aspects ripping ourselves off. Big time. But this happens as most people are busy staring in mirrors and counting money, not realizing what is actually going on. Basically, the album says that humanity is fucked and Haerdsmaelta are the only one’s smart enough to (ab)use the situation, for entertainment purposes. Which probably makes us the worst crooks in the game. The album includes a Christmas Coral titled Upon A Star. We strongly believe this is the new “Wham – Last Christmas”, and that it will provide us with huuuge amounts of money. Which would be perfectly ironic since the lyrics are basically about the rich being complete assholes. The cover art for the album is an original oil painting made by a close relative to the band. We are really happy with what he came up with, catching the dystopian feel of the music perfectly. So, if people buy the vinyl version of the album (which really should be mandatory), they can put it on the wall and without question call it art. How about that?!”

All Alone In The Danger Zone | Released October 5th, 2021 via Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Head First | 02. Dressed In Gold | 03. Class Of Inevitable Doom | 04. The New Light | 05. An Awkward Situation | 06. Every Man Is A Three Mile Island | 07. A Disaster Worth Celebrating | 08. Ctrl-Alt-Obsolete | 09. The Working Dead | 10. Dead Silent Spring | 11. Upon A Star | 12. In The Shadow Of The Green Sun

Haerdsmaelta are:
Aeberg – Drums/Vocals | Spraeng – Bass/Backing Vocals | Bjoerk – Guitar/Backing Vocals

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick







  1. ironbackstage

    The whole album sounds on one breath and you can have just one feeling – ‘my neck is in pain because I’m tired to headbang’, haha! Punkrock is not always some pop-shitty stuff but it can be catching, furious, atmospheric, and pretty powerful; All Alone In The Danger Zone is a great example …read more

  2. wilderness viking

    Occasionally the band will take a slight left turn into slightly more atmospheric laden territories too, adding a touch of post-punk to this album experience. Raspy talk-like and barked vocals is a part of the totality here too, and this is a vocal style that fits this music very well indeed. A production to seek out by those who know and love their punk rock performed with attitude and with a few expressive details to boot …read more

  3. soundmagnet.eu

    Der erste Vollzeitplayer All Alone In The Danger Zone von Haerdsmaelta ist ein gelungender Post Punk / Metal / Rock’n’Roll Albtraum, der seine dystopischen Zustandsbeschreibungen in griffig rotzige Songs verpackt …read more

  4. hardrockinfo

    “Apocalyptic post-punk”? This sounds more like raw and energetic punk rock to me. At least that first song, “Head First”, which almost reminds me of the first single with LÄDERNUNNAN/The LEATHER NUN. And that’s not any bad stuff my friends. Sometimes it’s on the border to action rock or very energetic garage rock. But there’s heavier and darker elemnts too. So a good mixture of loud and unpolished punk, metal and rock n roll you could say. Good stuff anyway …read more

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