Proud To Be Dead


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01. Proud To Be Dead | 02. Corpse Embodiment | 03. Eyes Without Sight | 04. Flagellation | 05. Matres

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Italian Death Progressive Metalists Gravestone, return with a new lineup and EP entitled Proud To Be Dead. The release is heavily influenced by each member with hints of horror and progressive brought to life by the use of keyboards and synths.

Proud To Be Dead was recorded at Trick Studio by Andrea Mattei. It was mixed and mastered by Alfonso Corace (drummer of Lunarsea).

On the EP, the band present 5 songs which includes a rearrangement of Corpse Embodiment from a previous album Symphony of Pain complete with text inspired by Lovecraft and Myths of Cthulhu. The song is realised in a more modern style and shows the progression Gravestone has gone through since their formation and the songs original version in 1992.

Proud To Be Dead’s text refers to the protagonist’s (and our) frenetic life, empty of values and affections. However, at the moment of his death, he realizes he’s in another world from which he can see his old world and as an external observer, he expresses his (negative) opinion about this style of life that people live. Our protagonist comes to the conclusion that life after death is better than the previous one he had and therefore is “Proud To Be Dead”. Eyes Without Sight is inspired by Lovecraft’s dream cycle. The initial and main riff is inspired by the harmony of classical music. It’s the most melodic song on the EP. Flaggelation is an allegory of those attitudes of some religious groups who injure themselves in an attempt to reach their God. In other words, pain as vehicle to divinity. Closing the EP is Matres, which is inspired by the trilogy of the three mothers from the Dario Argento movies Inferno, Suspiria and the Third Mother.

Proud To Be Dead is released by Sliptrick Records on February 24th, 2017.

Track Listing:
01. Proud To Be Dead | 02. Corpse Embodiment | 03. Eyes Without Sight | 04. Flagellation | 05. Matres

Gravestone are:
Alessandro Iacobellis – Vocals | Marco Borrani – Guitar | Gabriele Maschietti – Guitar | David Folchitto – Drums | Massimiliano MaaX Salvatori – Bass | Fabrizio Di Carlantonio – Keyboards

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    This band is almost as good as Fleshgod Apocalypse when comes to quality of music and performance of songs itself. It is very vigorous music based on technical death metal. However the thought of it fades away once they accelerate music with so many tremendous influences and all what`s left is just entertainment and enjoyment to listen to this band …read more


    Ci lasciarono con un Ep dal titolo ‘Symphony Of Pain’ uscito nel lontano 1994, e oggi, utilizzando il medesimo formato, i romani Gravestone sono di nuovo tra noi. Partiamo subito dalla formazione, completamente rivoluzionata dal chitarrista ed unico membro originale rimasto, Marco Borrani; si passa ad una line up di cinque musicisti, dove tra i nuovi spicca l’onnipresente David Folchitto (Stormlord, Nerodia e tante altre…) dietro le pelli, che stavolta, grazie ad un songwriting davvero brillante, si diverte molto a riempire col suo talento i tanti cambi d’atmosfera creati soprattutto dalle tastiere, il vero marchio di fabbrica di questo nuovo ‘Proud To Be Dead’ …read more

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