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Cosmic Wave


01. Cosmic Wave | 02. Reminiscing | 03. Intricate Fusion

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Cosmic Wave is the latest release for Gia Federico’s solo instrumental project Gia G and the first since 2019’s The Ladder. The new EP is her best to date and takes her music in a different direction and higher level. Showcasing her diverse prowess on the frets, with jazz modal and scalar legato featuring in Intricate Fusion and Cosmic Wave, to the acoustic slap song, Reminiscing, which shows another side of her style with a great feel, bluesy runs and phrases. Cosmic Wave takes the listener on a journey of musical knowledge, intricate writing, great for listening when your in your car breezing down the highway.

Cosmic Wave – A groovy, upbeat rock instrumental, with great harmonics, whammy bar insanity, technical pull-offs and bends and more of Gia’s signature ‘Tap Harmonic Technique’, while using some jazzy modal scales.

Reminiscing – This ballad shows another side of Gia’s music. Displaying her acoustic playing and slap acoustic playing. A great feel and vibe makes the listener day dream in a world all there own. Along with great solo leads, her lyrical style makes the guitar tell a story. The ending solo is truly one of the best lead solos Gia has done to date with an amazing feel, vibe and phrasing.

Intricate Fusion – A real step forward in Gia’s musical journey. Taking her Tap Harmonic Tapping Technique to another level with fusion guitar leads and phrases while using jazz scales and modes with some intense legato playing plus whammy bar craziness. Mark George’s drumming is excellent with a great groove and feel, flowing and bringing out more of the overall song. Paul Engle on bass is also outstanding, playing in the fusion world of bass, mixed in with rock and blues, creating his own composition within the song. The different sections of the song change, another Gia G signature style which she did on previous releases The Ladder. Interwoven in the track, Gia shows her keyboard creativity with great bluesy, jazzy lead playing to the acoustic ending. The 3 members of the group are a power house with the experimental new wave style on this song and EP. Intricate Fusion takes the listener on a true musical journey.

Cosmic Wave | Released January 25th, 2022 via Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Cosmic Wave | 02. Reminiscing | 03. Intricate Fusion

Gia G are:
Gia G – Guitars/Keyboards | Mark George – Drums | Paul Angle – Bass

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | Twitter | On Sliptrick







  1. realgonerocks.com

    For those who spent a lot of the 90s and beyond seeking out guitar instrumental works, this EP is a solid reminder of why you’ve continued to love so much stuff in that mould. A recommended listen …read more

  2. kickassforever.com

    Cosmic Wave takes the listener on a journey of musical knowledge and intricate writing that is guarantee to fascinate and get you hooked with the very entertaining and vibrant “Cosmic Wave” …read more

  3. musika.be

    En bewijst bovendien ze een top gitarist te zijn van uitzonderlijk kaliber. Binnen dat wereldje van gitaar helden, een vaarwater waar het uiterst moeilijk is om door het bos de bomen nog te zien, steekt ze daardoor met kop en schouder boven dat maaiveld uit …read more

  4. mhf-mag.com

    An impressive performance by Gia Federico. With her guitar skills, she doesn’t have to hide behind the big names listed as influences. Her two comrades-in-arms provide the solid basis for an excellent EP …read more

  5. metalprison

    In just 11 minutes Gia G presents her musical arsenal and her diverse range of playing. The only drawback is that it last so little, so let’s hope that this was only an appetizer before her full-length work …read more

  6. metalplanetmusic.com

    If the excess and seemingly endless meanderings of some guitarists leave you cold, Gia G brings the antidote to all that in an EP that has both form and flash. Well worth investigating …read more

  7. musiczine.net

    Heel wat rockliefhebbers gruwen ervan als de focus zo hard op de gitaar ligt en er geen vocalen aan te pas komen. In die valkuil van overdreven egocentrisme is Federico niet getrapt. Haar nummers zijn meer dan ‘hoor eens hoeveel noten ik kan spelen in één seconde’. Er zit ook emotie in, en daar draait het toch om …read more

  8. keep-on-rocking.com

    Eine beeindruckende Leistung von Gia Federico. Mit ihren Gitarrenkünsten muss sie sich nicht hinter den großen Namen verstecken, die als Einflüsse aufgezählt werden. Ihre beiden Mitstreiter liefern die solide Basis für eine hervorragende EP …read more

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