Two Of A Kind


01. Desert In The Sky | 02. The Land Of Broken Dreams | 03. The Great Red Spot Of Jupiter | 04. Forget Me Again | 05. Black Rose | 06. Restlessness | 07. It’s All About | 08. The Genius And The Magician | 09. Through The Wind | 10. 5 Seasons Of Sonora | 11. The Westland | 12. Two Of A Kind

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Music is a trip across the soul …the heart. With music, we can explore ourselves, but we also can explore the whole world.

GC Projects new album, Two Of A Kind, talks about many things including human feelings, the contradictions in the balanced chaos of the world and the universe (the great red spot of Jupiter, track 3) and the dualism between instinct and reason. It also talks about love and peacefulness, egoism and madness. Some tracks are a hymn to the world and its diversity such as 5 Seasons Of Sonora and The Westland. There are also two love songs, called Black Rose and Through The Wind.

All the songs and lyrics are on Two Of A Kind are written by Giacomo Calabria and his work is characterized by collaborations with several musicians, to create different sounds, attitude and interplay within the music. In all, twelve tracks of top notch prog rock/metal, rock and fusion.

The distinct cover of Two Of A Kind depicts a comparison between the genius and the magician (the title of the 8th track), referred to as reason and instinct.

The album has been recorded at PriStudio (drums), by Roberto Priori and OmSystem studio, by Omar Macchione. Mixed and mastered at PriStudio by Roberto Priori. Two Of A Kind has been produced by Diana Calamandrei, Sonia Raho, Daniela Castellani and 83 raisers (through a crowdfunding campaign) who believe in GC Project.

Two Of A Kind | Released October 16th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Desert In The Sky | 02. The Land Of Broken Dreams | 03. The Great Red Spot Of Jupiter | 04. Forget Me Again | 05. Black Rose | 06. Restlessness | 07. It’s All About | 08. The Genius And The Magician | 09. Through The Wind | 10. 5 Seasons Of Sonora | 11. The Westland | 12. Two Of A Kind

GC Project is:
Giacomo Calabria – Drums

Guest musicians are:
Bass players – Diego Quarantotto, Marco Govoni, GB Giorgi
Guitar players – Lorenzo Lenzi, Omar Macchione, Davide Montorsi
Keyboard players – Roberto Arduini, Valentino Bosi, Enrico Lorenzini, Denis Borgatti, Federico Fabbri
Vocals – Francesco Grandi, Maurizio Malaguti, Jennie Houston, Elisa Boscarol, Alessandro Rubino

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  1. metalwave.it

    I GC Project questo lo fanno molto bene, e lo fanno con un album colto ma non cerebrale e per niente snob, fondamentalmente privo di difetti e davvero interessante. Da avere per i fanatici del prog vecchio stile …read more

  2. metaleyes.iyezine.com

    Con una follia compositiva che provoca cambi di atmosfera ed impatto ad ogni brano, la band ci regala momenti di musica notevole come The Great Red Spot Of Jupiter, la stupenda ballad Black Rose, i saliscendi sull’ottovolante progressivo di The Genius And The Magician e le note fusion di 5 Seasons Of Sonora. Two Of A Kind risulta quindi un lavoro assolutamente riuscito e da non perdere se siete amanti della musica progressiva …read more

  3. justinhulford

    This is very fresh and accessible, the instruments all audible. The vocal is full of energy, perhaps a little too forward at times, but the end result is a decent slice of rock. Blues may be at the heart but there’s no wallowing or pondering, they get right on with it …read more

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