From The Wasteland


01. From The Wasteland… | 02. The Crow | 03. Bury Him Alive | 04. White Bones | 05. Take My Hand | 06. Will Of The Dark | 07. Blackout | 08. Death Parade | 09. King Of The New Dawn | 10. Black March | 11. …They Will March On

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The debut full-length studio album from Gatecloser, From The Wasteland, presents a powerful and melodic thrash metal with a lot of different influences, with each song telling something different through the music and lyrics. It’s a brand new concept based on the inevitable presence of “The Gatecloser” in everyone’s life. He is the personification of time, an impartial supreme judge guarding his own gate, waiting for the right moment to open it and unleash his power.

Every song on the album can be easily distinguished from the others as each track brings the listener to different scenarios and feelings. Creepy intros, unique dominant guitar riffs, powerful, creative and groovy drums, angry, soulful and melodic vocals, expressive imposing bass lines and epic guitar solos lead to a continuous change of the seasons throughout the album. The band composed the music and lyrics as a team, everyone gave their contribution toward the realization of the product and this cooperation is what established the final sound.

Track by track, stories From The Wasteland
01. From The Wasteland…: The Gatecloser, appearing for the first time, opens his gate. A very sinister strings section prepare his speech. The lyrics are a mix of other track’s quotes which bond together create a very threatening message that introduce to the dark and creepy mood of the next track and the whole album as well.

02. The Crow: The main character complains about a world gone insane and comes back from the dead to bring justice and revenge, he finds himself unable to rest in his eternal dwell because of some people’s immense grief capable of resurrecting him. His mission impersonate the desire of every dead to be avenged and to watch over his suffering living dears.

03. Bury Him Alive: The song speaks about a suffering man in front of a huge crowd during his own execution after being arrested. His story is very sad, he’s always been a nice and kind average man living his life until he met two thugs pretending to be his friends. After this he began to commit crimes with them and got caught, arrested and used as a scapegoat for the other two guys’ crimes. People in the crowd don’t know him and his faults but still they yell shameful words against him. His fake friends are within it. However Time, who watches all, has plans for them.

04. White Bones: After three tracks The Gatecloser presents himself. This song describes his way to act, his shaping and his domains within the human dimension.

05. Take My Hand: A girl has just been raped and inevitably depression preys on her. She tries to express her pain and sorrow to exorcise what keeps her down and she decides to think out loud a prayer, hoping for someone to hear, and continues with a self speech of wondering and complains about a world gone insane. After this, she sends a message to every suffering soul around the world, like she has just received it by someone… preserving a special thought for her predator. A message given by Him, the one who heard her call (The Gatecloser). The girl is hopeless, but now she knows she won’t die in vain, “Time” is planning a painful destiny for him.

06. Will Of The Dark: Like a mother cradles her child, this song happens during a rainy night with thunder and lightning where The Gatecloser speaks to all the suffering souls which wait to redeem their peace. He’s like a shepherd, a guide for them. He promises a new life, a bright light in their existence.

07. Blackout: A man affected by Schizophrenia becomes conscious of his condition and the differences between him and “normal people”. He knows that his illness fools him and there’s no way to escape from its chains; despite this, he tries to face it with all his forces without success, fighting an internal battle that he cannot win. Long after his birth, “Time” gives him a message for the world aimed to awake people’s mind. He looks different to other people’s eyes but he makes them wonder what is really considered “normal” causing a huge doubt in those who hear. One day he learns to give a shape to his condition’s tricks and understands that he can stand up and fight it with the raging power of indifference.

08. Death Parade: The song is about a dying entity who tells his story to someone attending its last breaths, someone that will succeed it after his death. Rage and sorrow are its actual last feelings and notice how a man is capable of being evil to achieve their narcissistic dreams.

09. King Of The New Dawn: A sci-fi world where chaos reign allows all the living beings to be immortal. An epic hymn echoes in the air announcing the ascending of a new powerful king with the only purpose to establish an order. The king was born for the will of some of them, the good ones, tired to live in an unnatural dimension where life has no sense and everyone can act without consequences. Nobody can oppose the king, the only one who can be immortal now.

10. Black March: In this song a man is disappointed by people, he really wonders why good actions bring to pain and sorrow while bad people live their lives always running away from their dues. It seems like there’s no justice at all until death, but a promise, appears through words of despair. The man now knows that justice will be done sooner or later, everyone will pay their debts and the price shall be way worse than death.

11. …They Will March On: The Gatecloser takes another chance to present and describe himself, those who still have questions are answered very clearly but his name is not revealed. The gate is closed.

From The Wasteland | Released September 22nd, 2020 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. From The Wasteland… | 02. The Crow | 03. Bury Him Alive | 04. White Bones | 05. Take My Hand | 06. Will Of The Dark | 07. Blackout | 08. Death Parade | 09. King Of The New Dawn | 10. Black March | 11. …They Will March On

Recorded by: Riccardo Pasini at Studio 73 in Ravenna (RA), Italy
Mixed and mastered by: Paolo Castelluccia in Borgo Panigale (BO), Italy
Produced by: Gatecloser

Gatecloser are:
Stefano Tarroni – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Keyboards | Matteo Corbara – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals | Nicola Gavini Fiorentini – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals | Alessandro Cupici – Drums/Percussions/Backing Vocals

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    There was definitely something special about this album. It was equally fun to listen to and to review. I really recommend this one, and hope you’ll have as much fun as I did …read more


    “From The Wasteland” is one of those albums that serves as an incredible debut for a new act and will hopefully draw large enough attention to get Metal fans from foreign soils the world over to follow the band’s career. The album pays homage to its influence but definitely stays closer to Heavy Metal more so than anything else. Any fan of Metal in any of its incarnations would most likely find favor with GATECLOSER …read more


    Every song on the album can be easily distinguished from the others as each track brings the listener to different scenarios and feelings. Creepy intros, unique dominant guitar riffs, powerful, creative and groovy drums, angry, soulful and melodic vocals, expressive imposing bass lines and epic guitar solos lead to a continuous change of the seasons throughout the album …read more


    The fusion of classic rock and thrash will always be associated with the 90s and the decline of Metallica, but Gatecloser, like Megadeth, show it can still be a force when done right. This is a strong debut and one that can appeal to fans of both Guns ‘N’ Roses and modern thrashers like Shrapnel …read more

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