A Million Years Of Loneliness


01. Blood Of The Earth | 02. Alien Sun | 03. All Reborn In Ashes | 04. Nothing Changed | 05. Almost Fall | 06. I Will Do | 07. Seeds Have Grown | 08. Knife And Soul | 09. The Ghost | 10. Westeros (Instrumental)

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The new album from Moldovan group Francis is entitled A Million Years Of Loneliness and highlights many urgent and serious problems of our time; personal, social, political and global, with acute social issues coming to the forefront. The themes of the eternal struggle for the right to “live in the sun”, for the right to be the first, for the right to reach the most difficult and daring dreams don’t leave the listener throughout the entire track list.

On a musical side, the material is a mixture of extreme metal and a more melodic direction of modern metal music, as well as interspersed with symphonic and electronic arrangements. The melodic sound came from the influence of bands working in completely different genres: As I Lay Dying, Arch Enemy, Nightwish, etc. Aggressive couplets and breakdowns with melodic choruses are created in the style of Metalcore/Melodic Death and coexist with thrash, death and modern-metal elements. The vocal parts are represented by a combination of extreme vocals with a clean voice, which expanded the creative space for the music’s authors and gave the tracks a striking motif matched by a clear, bright voice. Thus, the recording involved two vocalists.

The composition of the texts on A Million Years Of Loneliness involved the whole group agreeing on different opinions in a single concept for each individual song. The special uniqueness of the texts of the album consist of describing the atmosphere of the problems of each topic. Francis offer the listener not only a specific social, philosophical or personal problem, as food for thought, but also an interpretation of their own emotional feelings of a certain situation, thereby motivating the listener to intuitively comprehend the composition.

Track listing:
01. Blood Of The Earth | 02. Alien Sun | 03. All Reborn In Ashes | 04. Nothing Changed | 05. Almost Fall | 06. I Will Do | 07. Seeds Have Grown | 08. Knife And Soul | 09. The Ghost | 10. Westeros (Instrumental)

Guitar parts were recorded in home studios. Mixing and mastering services, as well as aid in the arrangements, was provided by the studio MoonHome after a long search for the optimal sound of all instruments.

A Million Years Of Loneliness | Released March 27th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Francis are:
Kirill Izhakovsky – Vocals | Alex Baboy – Guitars/Programming | Artemy Kessler – Bass/Extreme Vocals

Band links: Facebook | VK | Youtube | On Sliptrick








    If you love metal, you should listen to this album. It’s almost impossible to describe, and is absolutely necessary to hear. FRANCIS is the exact kind of fresh approach to metal the genre desperately needs …read more


    I am not the greatest connoisseur of metalcore so I won’t be dropping any names but I will say this much; I like what I hear. Even all the breaks and changes that they got going sits well with me. perhaps I am succumbing to metalcore after all. Throw in some death metal and some industrial feelings and you get a hard edged album …read more

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