World Of Chaos


01. My Redemption | 02. Never Surrender | 03. Need For Speed | 04. Fire | 05. Fight For Metal | 06. Follow Your Dream | 07. Power And Glory | 08. Hard Life | 09. The Greatest Loss | 10. Revenge | 11. Y.P.M.O.

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Belgium heavy metal group Eternal Breath release second full length album World Of Chaos worldwide via Sliptrick Records. The follow-up to their previous debut album The Joker contains eleven brand new tracks that were composed and continuously improved over the period of 3 years.

The writing process during this time evolved from the haphazard approach of the debut album to a more systematic approach. This results in more solidly written songs with tight, dynamic playing and an attention to detail. The album’s lyrics deal with the hardships and trials of contemporary human life, but still put forward the role music and passion can play in coping with this “World of Chaos”.

The album was produced and mixed by Pieter Nyckees and recorded during the second half of 2018 in Shellshock Studio (Knokke, Belgium). The tracks were mastered by Attie Bauw who was responsible for mastering the Grammy nominated album Painkiller by Judas Priest. Guest vocals and piano tracks for the song The Greatest Loss were delivered by Tiffany Veys, head vocal coach at Mind the Voice.

World Of Chaos | Released June 28th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. My Redemption | 02. Never Surrender | 03. Need For Speed | 04. Fire | 05. Fight For Metal | 06. Follow Your Dream | 07. Power And Glory | 08. Hard Life | 09. The Greatest Loss | 10. Revenge | 11. Y.P.M.O.

Eternal Breath are:
Andy Polfliet – Vocals | Marino Decaluwé – Guitars | Robin Vancayseele – Guitars/Backing Vocals | Aaron Soen – Bass/Backing Vocals | Kenny Geerts – Drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick


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9 reviews for ETERNAL BREATH
World Of Chaos


    Eternal Breath benadert anno 2019 op alle vlakken de perfectie, door het uitbrengen van een schijf die van begin tot einde je metalhart sneller en sneller doet slaan. Maar vooral meer dan ooit hoor je, en dat kunnen we echt niet genoeg herhalen, een band waar iedereen dezelfde kant uitkijkt. Wat resulteert in songs van verdomd hoogstaand niveau, die één voor één aan je ribben blijven kleven, je aanzetten tot stevig headbangen bij voorkeur met de versterker op tien, en de luchtgitaar in aanslag. Kortom: een klasseschijf van deze Belgische band, die na zoveel jaren zijn nieuwe adem heeft teruggevonden. Dat bewezen de heren ons ‘on stage’ al een paar keer de laatste tijd, en dat zet Eternal Breath met deze verschroeiende schijf boordevol perfectie van eenzame hoogte, nog meer in de verf …read more


    “My Redemption,” comes in thick and fast, with some seriously heavy riffage and a groovy ass melody. “Never Surrender,” continues and dances through the tracts of destruction. “Need For Speed,” is just that, fast and furious with attitude. “Fire,” takes the energy through and rushes it into the world. “Fight For Metal,” is a great start to the procession. “Follow Your Dream,” slows things down a tad, before increasing the heaviness by several notches. “Power and Glory,” is a riff mastery. “Hard Life,” shifts into gears and produces some fascinating work on the riffs and the melodies. “The Greatest Loss,” shifts the tone and changes things up a little and then a lot. “Revenge,” hammers home some ultimate truths. “Y.P.M.O,” snarls …read more

  3. TheDirtyRoom

    I’ve been cranking this non-stop all weekend. Heavy Metal is truly alive and well and Eternal Breath is more than doing their part to keep it that way. Get this fucking album! Full on 10/10 for World of Chaos …read more


    Πυρήνας της μουσικής τους είναι τα τιμημένα ’80s, με αρκετές επιρροές από Iced Earth, Exodus, Death Angel και Testament. Είναι αρκετές οι φορές που οι κιθάρες thrash-ίζουν με τους δυο κιθαρίστες Marino Decaluwe και Robin Vancasele να κάνουν εξαιρετική δουλειά. H απόδοση του τραγουδιστή Andy Polfiet κρίνεται ικανοποιητική, με τα φωνητικά του να είναι ταιριαστά με το ύφος της μπάντας …read more


    A produção de riffs da banda, por convencional que seja, é muito boa e rende várias balançadas de cabeça durante todo o disco. Gostei principalmente de quando a banda mostra levadas mais aceleradas, com pegada mais agressiva. Ou seja, quando a influência do Exodus, exaltada pela própria banda, assume o controle, a coisa anda muito bem. Meus destaques vão para “My Redemption”, que abre o disco, e “Fire”, com seu cativante refrão …read more


    Ce qui est sûr c’est que le style traditionnel est bel et bien retranscrit ici, rappelant les grandes figures d’hier comme bien sûr Judas Priest mais aussi à certains moments et pour certaines ambiances les Canadiens d’Annihilator. Les Belges d’Eternal Breath n’ont pas à rougir de leurs collègues anglo-saxons ou autres, ils sont capables de proposer une musique et donc un album percutant et efficace …read more


    Heavy metal bordering on the thrash metal genre with power metal nuances is what Eternal Breath offer in abundance across eleven songs spanning fifty furious minutes …read more


    Die elf Tracks kommen tight, zackig und griffig. Man kann sich schnell mit ihnen anfreunden, denn man greift hier gern auf Altbewährtes zurück. Doublebassattacken im Uptempo gehören dazu, quirlige Soli mit Aussage wie nicht wenige eingängige Melodien und Mitgrölparts …read more

  9. rockarollazine

    Un álbum que a bien seguro sabrán paladear los fans de bandas cercanas a Exodus, Overkill, Death Angel, Sanctuary o Metal Church …read more

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