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Five Eyes


01. Five Eyes | 02. Proteus | 03. Pathway | 04. Event Horizon | 05. Myth Of Progress | 06. Laniakea | 07. Altruism | 08. Scarred To Death | 09. Walls Of Stone | 10. Silver River

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Swedish group Ended, have created their own unique beast by merging modern rock and metal influences with classic rock elements and guitar brilliance. Their forthcoming album Five Eyes, showcases a heavier and more riff oriented side of the band, where melody and lyrics continue to be of great importance. New vocalist Micky Bergqvist has brought the band additional energy, fronting the Swedish five piece with fierce power and great charisma. The album contains 10 hard and heavy tracks full of fire and passion that shows the tremendous progression in the band without compromising their trademark sound.

Ended have recently released the first official video (see below) from Five Eyes with the track Proteus. A high intensity number and a fine introduction to the forthcoming release.

“The songs are definitely heavier this time. We knew which direction we wanted to go and the album really is one unit.” – Björn Granat

“On this album we really show the chemistry that is between us in the band. Everyone has left their personal mark on the songs and it came together just great!” – David Källberg

Five Eyes | Released April 10th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Five Eyes | 02. Proteus | 03. Pathway | 04. Event Horizon | 05. Myth Of Progress | 06. Laniakea | 07. Altruism | 08. Scarred To Death | 09. Walls Of Stone | 10. Silver River

Produced by Ended. Mixed by Lars Granat. Mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studio.

Ended are:
Micky Bergqvist – Vocals | Lars Granat – Guitar | Peter Janflod – Guitar | David Källberg – Drums | Björn Granat – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube






  1. monarchmagazine.weebly.com

    All 10 songs are loaded with lots of melodies and I have give to Mickey (their vocalist) my appreciations for his vocal lines which I am fond of. Lyrics can be easy digested as well if you like listen the music with understanding …read more

  2. insane-voices-labirynth

    Questi sono gli ENDED, aggressività tipica del metal unita ad armonie e melodie del classico rock progressive. Il disco funziona, perchè la band oltre ad avere una grande potenza tecnica è riuscita a proporre nuove ricerche stilistiche che vanno oltre alle armonie classicheggianti del rock.

  3. necromance.eu

    Desde Suecia, nos llega el segundo trabajo de ENDED, editado a través de Sliptrick Records, “Five Eyes”. Y vienen con novedades en la formación, ya que presentan a Micky Bergqvist como nuevo vocalista, el cual se une a los ya conocidos Lars Granat y Peter Janflod en las guitarras, Björn Granat al bajo y David Källberg en la percusión. Esto ha influido en su música, aunque su base sigue siendo el rock con toques progresivos, la voz y el carácter de su anterior cantante, que no es otro que su guitarra Lars, le daban un toque más alternativo en el aspecto vocal, con toques a ALICE IN CHAINS, lo que ahora se ha perdido y giran más en torno a DREAM THEATER, con un toque más heavy y hard rockero, aunque Lars se puede centrar mucho más en su guitarra y coros …read more

  4. metalpit.it

    “Five Eyes” è quindi un buon disco che può vantare un buon passo avanti rispetto al precedente, proponendo sonorità e brani originali, difficilmente identificabili con un unico genere.
    Gli Ended possono essere certi di aver imboccato una strada buona per la loro carriera, probabilmente la migliore, anche se da questo genere di band non si sa mai cosa potrebbe succedere …read more

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