High $pec


01. Shout Down | 02. Sub-liminal | 03. HERO | 04. Sekaiwa Kitto Aiwo Shitterunda | 05. Dragonet

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Japanese Hard Rock/JMetal group, Doll$Boxx, return after a long absence with their sparkling new mini-album, High $pec. The 5 tracks once again feature the vocal talents of Fuki (from Fuki Commune) backed by the excellent musicianship of the girls from Gacharic Spin – Hana (drums), F Chopper Koga (bass), Tomo-Zo (guitar) and Oreoreona (keyboards).

The cover art has been made by the famous Japanese illustrator Masayuki Kojo (Star Wars, Spider-Man, Devilman and more). The brand new band logo as seen on the cover was also designed by Mr. Koji. Doll$Boxx have also got themselves a new look courtesy of world renowned fashion designer n.NAOTO (Marilyn Manson, X Japan, Evanescence’s Amy Lee).

Doll$Boxx started as a collective project of the group Gacharic Spin and their one-time tour support vocalist Fuki (from Fuki Commune/Light Bringer) in 2012. After a long hiatus, they had a full house show as the group Doll$Boxx in February 2017 and announced their official come-back as a group when Fuki guested for Gacharic Spin’s show in June, 2017.

Doll$Boxx have a tradition of releasing official music videos for almost all of their released tracks and High $pec is no exception. All 5 videos are now available in high resolution on the official Doll$Boxx English landing page …here

Track listing:
01. Shout Down | 02. Sub-liminal | 03. HERO | 04. Sekaiwa Kitto Aiwo Shitterunda | 05. Dragonet

All the songs on High $pec are written by the Gacharic Spin members with Fuki contributing the lyrics.

Produced by Shoichi Nishino (Briskrew). Directed by Takanori Tsunoda (Takt). Mixed by Takashi “patch” Kitaguchi (Bazooka Studio). Recorded by Shun Ohtaki. Mastered by Mitsuyasu Abe.

High $pec (US Edition) | Digital Online Released Nov 10th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records
High $pec (US Edition) | Physical CD Released Dec 7th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Doll$Boxx are:
Fuki – Lead Vocals | Tomo-Zo – Guitar | Oreoreona – Keyboards | F Chopper Koga – Bass | Hana – Drums

Band links: Official Website (Eng) | Official Website (Jp) | Facebook | Twitter








    Every track stands on its own and could be released as a single. There is absolutely no filler here. Fans will have a difficult time picking out a favorite track …read more

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