The Lord Ov Shadows


01. Chapter I. Creation of the Alter Self | 02. Chapter II. Possession | 03. Chapter III. The Annunciation in Lust | 04. Chapter IV. Acquainted with the Nocturnal Devastation | 05. Chapter V. I am the Lord Ov Shadows

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Winner – 2019 Korean Music Awards: Best Metal Album of The Year

Korean symphonic black metal group Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy present their latest opus The Lord Ov Shadows. 46 minutes of outstanding relentlessness and doom. Classical gothic music is the primary essence of Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy, with anguished vocals and brooding instruments performing chapters and poems which evoke nothingness and wholeness, darkness and daylight, beauty and ugliness!

The Lord Ov Shadows is the story of an individual who becomes the Lord Ov Shadows himself. The Shadow represents the dark side of the inner self. To become the Lord Ov Shadows, you must face your inner self by encountering the biggest fear. Must not avoid. Everything is in your status of mind. Then you can be the Lord Ov Shadows. This is the story of someone who is ready to rule the world of the Dark mirror.

The Lord Ov Shadows | Released January 22nd, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Chapter I. Creation of the Alter Self | 02. Chapter II. Possession | 03. Chapter III. The Annunciation in Lust | 04. Chapter IV. Acquainted with the Nocturnal Devastation | 05. Chapter V. I am the Lord Ov Shadows

Recorded in Studio Dark Mirror, Seoul, Korea (Except Soprano Recorded in Studio Tardis) | Recorded by M.Pneuma | Mixed by Stefano Morabito | Mixed at Studio 16th Cellar Studio, Rome, Italy | Mastered at Studio 16Th Cellar Studio, Rome, Italy | Produced by M.Pneuma | Cover Artwork by Pierre-Alain D

Summoned Friends:
Vox: Yama Darkblaze | Soprano: Binna Kim | Violin: Arthenic

Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy are:
Material Pneuma – Vocals | Gash – Guitars | Senyt – Guitars | Reverof – Bass | Confyverse – Drums | Genie – Keyboards

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick



  1. wingsofdeath.net

    The Lord Ov Shadows bestaat uit vijf hoofdstukken, die zonder onderbreking worden gepresenteerd. Behalve op muzikaal vlak, heeft de band ook thematisch de zaken stevig in handen. Binnen de kaders van het verhaal wordt retestrak gemusiceerd en gecomponeerd. Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy kan zich prima meten met de betere bands uit het gothic/symfonische (black) metal-genre. Een symfonische black metal opera las ik al ergens; geen slechte omschrijving lijkt me. Luister alleen al eens naar het lange, afsluitende titelnummer …read more

  2. coveringthescene.com

    Whether they’re an acquired taste to some or everyday listening to others, Dark Mirror present a unique offering to the world. While inspired by their Norwegian brethren, they bring their own eastern alchemy to the throne …read more

  3. rockmusicraider.com

    The Lord Ov Shadows for sure is nothing for the faint of heart. And you will need to take your time to let the record sink in. But – boy – if you are an adept of Extreme and Black Metal with an operatic twist, then you’ve got to give this a listen or five. And I believe we just found our first contender for the 2019 Top 10, and the year is still young …read more

  4. musipediaofmetal

    The opening two tracks pale into insignificance when you hit Chapter III: The Annunciation In Lust. At over 13 minutes in length it’s a brooding hulk of a song but it is merely a warm up to the massive lurking beast that is Chapter V: I Am The Lord Ov Shadows which brings this five track release to an astonishing crescendo at just shy of 21 minutes. With Material Pneuma handling the raging vocals, the other five members of the band cope comfortably with the intricate time changes and ferocious increases of pace and power. At times haunting and ethereal, at others as blunt as a builder’s hammer, The Lord Ov Shadows seems to be as good a place as any to get to know a band that had been a mystery to me prior to this release …read more

  5. powermetal.de

    Gerade für Fans des DIMMU BORGIR-Frühwerks, die sich an der partiellen Neuausrichtung der Norweger in den letzten Jahren stören, rentiert sich aber die hier investierte Zeit, denn belohnt wird man mit einer vielschichtigen Symphonic Black Metal-Scheibe, die für mich schon jetzt zu den positiven Überraschungen des noch jungen Musikjahres gehört …read more

  6. darkdoomgrinddeath

    Elements of goth are also added into the music at times while some of the solos and leads also adopt a more modern atmospheric black metal style in some parts of the music. All of the musical instruments have a very powerful sound to them along with some death metal growls also being heard briefly …read more

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