Emerged From The Dark


01. Emerged From The Dark | 02. Rejected Sense | 03. Bleed For Love | 04. Jeanne | 05. My Ways

Note: The online MP3 version contains the bonus track of My Ways (radio edit)

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With this first EP called Emerged From The DarkDark Intrance tries to synthesize Dark Rock and Gothic Metal. Most of the songs are powerful but also give way to melodies and pure musical technique. Particular vocals were chosen to reinforce the dark side of the soundscape and the brutality that transpires in the lyrics. Also, the production of the sound was made order to have guitars that sounds heavy, and powerful at the same time, and also a clear sound on the bass and drums without bringing too much distortion effect to keep the sound power of guitars.

The concept of the album summarizes the intolerance of religions in the world and the wars that ensue, but also the maleness of our society on a daily basis (love, corruption, etc). The song Emerged From The Dark deals with the problems we all face and how to get out, and “see the light” in a way. Rejected Sense is a love triangle song that ends tragically. Bleeds For Love talks about the impossible love between a mortal and a demon while the track Jeanne is a metaphor on the subject of the famous French Icon, Jeanne d’Arc, a poor girl manipulated and betrayed by both her religion and by politicians. Finally, My Ways is the most important track of the album. It is a hymn to peace in the world. The idea that transpires in this song is that it is important to stay calm, cool and not get excited in this fast-paced world in order to avoid generating wars and all sorts of conflicts, including political ones. To remain Zen in a certain way.

Dark Intrance are not a group that think like others and this first EP clearly demonstrates it.

Emerged From The Dark | Released May 28th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Emerged From The Dark | 02. Rejected Sense | 03. Bleed For Love | 04. Jeanne | 05. My Ways

Note: The online MP3 version contains the bonus track of My Ways (radio edit)

Dark Intrance is:
Didier Strentz – Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Drums/Keyboard

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