Lords Of War


01. Paladins March | 02. Lords Of War | 03. Shrapnel Wings | 04. Aim To Kill | 05. Divine Crusade

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The major musical influences for Lords Of War, the latest EP from US metal group Crawling Manifest, are the new wave of British Heavy Metal, Thrash, Melodic Death, Power Metal, and just a dash of Prog. After the release of their EP, Forevermore, the band gained a significant amount of creative freedom, which allowed the band to get back to the beginning of what got them into playing music in the first place. This is EP is imbued with that sound …the sound of pure Heavy Metal.

The EP is stuffed with a blend of classic and modern heavy metal that draws lyrical influence from fantasy worlds and stories of crusades and revelry. In this particular case, Lords Of War is the story of a group of crusaders which evolved into a story of battle, religious crusades, and betrayal.

• Paladin’s March is a thrashy opening track that sets the tone of the EP.
• Lords Of War is a fast paced power/melodic death track that relies on blistering speed and melodic lead guitar.
• Shrapnel Wings sets a groovy Pantera-like tone to a tale about the slaying of a dragon.
• Aim To Kill is a genre bending song bordering between melodic death and early metalcore taking influence from bands like Killswitch Engage.
• Divine Crusade is straight up heavy metal. Combining all that Crawling Manifest has become.

The artwork, in essence, shows a snippet of the story told by this release. A scene of a crusade in action. The band also wishes to thank James C. Kimball And Matthew Majchrzak for story their influences on Lords Of War.

Lords Of War | Released April 30th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Paladins March | 02. Lords Of War | 03. Shrapnel Wings | 04. Aim To Kill | 05. Divine Crusade

Crawling Manifest are:
Andrew Gladu – Vocals/Bass | Andrew Mimms- Guitar/Backing Vocals | Trevor Layton – Guitar/Backing Vocals

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