Natural Born Sinners


01. Tongue Of Misery | 02. The Black House | 03. Giordano Bruno | 04. The Oracle | 05. First Born Sinner | 06. Spartacus (Prophecy Of Riot) | 07. Your Predator | 08. Deus Vult | 09. Death To The Inquisitor | 10. You Belong To Witches | 11. Cult Of Baphomet

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Natural Born Sinners is the third full-length album in the Circle of Witches’ career. This new chapter is focused upon the concept of riot, with figures of some rebels taken from religion, history, anthropology and literature like Lucifer, Spartacus, Anton Lavey, Giordano Bruno, the persecuted witches. This eleven track album marks a path of heavy metal and doom influences with a sound between Judas Priest, Grand Magus and Candlemass. The concept is also linked to the “Fire” element, the essence of changing matter, brilliant intellect, passion and energy.

The band chose Alpha Omega Studios, on Como Lake in Italy, to record the album with producion credits going to Alex Azzali (Ancient) and Nicholas Barker (Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Testament, etc).

The artwork was realized by the Greek graphic designer Nikos Markogiannakis (Rotting Christ, Anubis Gate, Die Sector, etc), the author of the bands previous artwork for the album Rock The Evil. He built a majestic figure, strong, tormented and dynamic although held down in the flames of Hell by barbed wire.

Track by track guide:
The opener Tongue Of Misery is a track that blows hard against religions and their words full of hypocrisy, against which human’s intellect and disbelief are the only weapons to react. The narrator prefers to be burnt rather than buried in a “sacred” soil.

The second track, The Black House, is dedicated to Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan and it develops it’s Nine Statements.

The following song is an homage to the Italian philosopher, free thinker and mage, Giordano Bruno, who was burnt alive by the Catholic Church in 1600. It’s a chapter full of doomish atmosphere.

The Oracle is the fourth track and deals with the figure of Lucifer under his Promethean significance. He awakened the intellect and the power of creation in mankind, against the will of god.

The following track First Born Sinner is a kind of summary for the album’s themes. It quotes all the other lyrics suggesting that behind all rebelliousness (Spartacus, witches, philosopher, the poor victim of Inquisition…) is a beginner being defined as Sinner …so again Lucifer.

The sixth track tells the story of Spartacus (Prophecy Of Riot), a slave who claimed freedom for himself and his companions against the Roman Empire.

Your Predator is a wicked man who struggles for freedom from his sexual mistress. She turned him into a beast, prone at her blood and violence thirst, until he is able to react and challenge the woman.

Deus Vult is a vocal Latin death sentence inspired by the Inquisition and Malleus Malleficarum documents. It introduces the next track Death To The Inquisitor, which is the story of someone persecuted and tortured under the suspicion of witchery. The protagonist is able to strike down the torturer, led by an unknown inner voice.

You Belong To Witches is a pagan hymn to witches culture, the wisdom coming from rituals of an ancient past and the fear of the common man of this knowledge.

The final song is Cult Of Baphomet, a mystic invocation to the great spirit of knowledge.

Natural Born Sinners | Released May 21st, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Tongue Of Misery | 02. The Black House | 03. Giordano Bruno | 04. The Oracle | 05. First Born Sinner | 06. Spartacus (Prophecy Of Riot) | 07. Your Predator | 08. Deus Vult | 09. Death To The Inquisitor | 10. You Belong To Witches | 11. Cult Of Baphomet

Circle Of Witches are:
Mario Bove – Vocals/Guitar | Joe Dardano – Guitar | Tony Farabella – Bass/Back Vocals | Joey Coppola – Drums

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  1. themurderinn

    La loro musica è come una lastra di granito coperta di borchie, quadrata, diretta, pesante e sono convinto che dal vivo colpisca come una mazzata in mezzo agli occhi …read more


    After giving this a few spins I can attest these guys a great talent for hooks and gripping melodies. Bove is a charismatic vocalist that fits flawlessly into the overall concept and the doomy often occult feeling songs …read more


    Metalbangers, dopo la torrida pausa estiva torniamo a recensire, ripartendo da un altrettanto torrido album, generato dalle menti contorte e dagli arti irrequieti dei salernitani Circle of Witches. Attivi sulla scena metal dal 2004, questi quattro ragazzotti non proprio tranquillissimi, ci propinano un metal alquanto muscolare, di quelli tutto forza e sudore! Un disco che trasuda potenza da tutti i solchi, un disco la cui tracklist ci piazza 11 autentiche mazzate ad altissimo tasso esoterico per quanto concerne le tematiche trattate nei testi (basti considerare le pieces dedicate a personaggi propugnatori di idee strumentalmente travisate come Giordano Bruno, o a tematiche sapientemente distorte come il culto del Bafometto, etc. per rendersene conto immediatamente) …read more


    Bravi nel sapere suonare e comporre questo tipo di musica. Interessante l’uso dellla lingua latina sia come intermezzo in “Giordano Bruno”, che come idioma principale in “Deus Vult” e nella finale “Cult Of Baphomet”. Altro pregio molto importante, è stata la scelta azzeccata di un riffing heavy doom metal – oriented. Infatti la caratteristica accattivante, anche per chi come me non è un assiduo consumatore di siffatto genere, è stato il discostarsi leggermente dai binari principali, mantenendo sempre un certa drammaticità nel cantato, aprendosi poi a melodie un po’ meno cupe e in alcuni punti molto epiche, dove è filtrata la speranza di scorgere il fulgore della luce …read more

  5. TheDirtyRoom

    Natural Born Sinners is amazing from start to finish and is like a new way to present a concept style album with multiple stories throughout. This is a must have for every metal head around the world …read more


    Alles in allem ist das richtig heiß, was hier abgeliefert wird! Und das nicht nur wegen des Elementes Feuer, das sich durch das gesamte Album zieht, sondern auch oder vielleicht gerade wegen der richtig gut abgemischten Musik, die da kräftig aus den Boxen bläst …read more


    It’s always exciting to discover new bands you would otherwise never hear about as they move up the ranks on the international landscape. Considering the crossover appeal of traditional heavy metal and classic doom, Circle of Witches can gain a broader audience through the right exposure and subsequent live support for Natural Born Sinners …read more


    Dietro al mixer Alex Azzali e il devastante Nicholas Barker (ex batterista dei Cradle Of Filth, Testament e altri), il quale ha suggerito alla band campana il titolo, più sensato dell’originario “True Born Sinners” legato alla figura di un altro rivoluzionario, Lucifero …read more


    Quasi cinquanta minuti di metal diretto, epico e roccioso grazie ad una serie di tracce che hanno nel songwriting e nell’impatto il loro punto di forza …read more

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