The Introduction Of Mr. Jones


01. I Don’t Know | 02. You’re Through | 03. The Reason | 04. The Lone Road | 05. Secrets | 06. Too Late | 07. Good Coffee | 08. A Blind Man’s Gun | 09. Keep Rollin (Live Studio Acoustic) | 10. I Don’t Know (Live Studio Acoustic)

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American singer/songwriter Ceekay Jones returns with his new album The Introduction Of Mr. Jones. The album features 8 original tracks and 2 acoustic live studio takes full of intimacy and passion. The Introduction Of Mr. Jones is an unpredictable sonic journey, displaying Ceekay Jones vast abilities to tap into many genres of music and find the glue to make it all work. It features his previous 3 singles, the soulful I Don’t Know, the thoughtful A Blind Man’s Gunand the rhythmic The Reason which feature the hip-hop stylings of guest stars Ekoh & DJ Presto One.

The album features some of Ceekay’s long term associates and also some new collaborations, all building to a substantial, cohesive whole. The Introduction Of Mr. Jones artwork has been created by the artist John Wentz.

The Introduction Of Mr. Jones | Released February 28th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. I Don’t Know | 02. You’re Through | 03. The Reason | 04. The Lone Road | 05. Secrets | 06. Too Late | 07. Good Coffee | 08. A Blind Man’s Gun | 09. Keep Rollin (Live Studio Acoustic) | 10. I Don’t Know (Live Studio Acoustic)

Tracks 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 recorded at Rio Grande Studio, Albuquerque New Mexico
Tracks 1, 3, 8 recorded at Roshambo Sound, Irvine California

Rio Grande Studio productions by Kenny Riley and Ceekay Jones
Roshambo Sound productions by Jim Perkins and Ceekay Jones

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  1. framemusic

    However the way Ceekay mashes everything together is very well coordinated and effortless and never goes over the top on any genre. All in all, I found it a highly enjoyable album.

  2. Justin Hulford

    In the promo he looks moody and I have only read his name attached to hardcore styles. So the mellow, yearning pop rock of opener “I Don’t Know” is a little surprising. The piano has mood, the occasional riffs offer a little threat and the vocal is very strong …read more

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