Cem Anahuac My Home


01. Cem Anahuac | 02. Burning Flame| 03. Huitzilin | 04. The Eagle & The Snake | 05. Calm In My Storm | 06. La Bruja | 07. Blood

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Cem Anahuac My Home is the second EP album from Mexican group Cabrakaän, and it represents the heart and soul of the band. The stories and mythology behind the lyrics of each song are about this. The group play a mix of death, folk with symphonic European influences with pre-hispanic instruments, along with the storytelling of Mesoamerican tales (Aztec, Mayan, Tlaxcaltecan, Olmecan) plus Mexican folklore such as La llorona, La Bruja and Day of The Dead.

Cabrakaän expand on this saying; “The first song is called Cem Anahuac and it is a faithful representation of our music. The words Cem Anahuac, mean literally “land surrounded by water” in Náhuatl, and that’s how our Aztec ancestors used to call the valley of Mexico before the Spanish invasion. It’s the place where they settled and built one of the most beautiful and impressive cities of all times, “Tenochtitlan”. Our past reflects a lot of our present and Cem Anahuac is in the heart of Mexicans since we are born, that’s the message behind the whole album.”

The cover of Cem Anahuac My Home shows a hummingbird (or Huitzilin in Nahuatl language) and it represents Huitzilopochtli, the god of war, protector of all warriors.

Orchestral Arrangements by Eduardo Uribe.
Produced by Marko Cipäktli, Pat Cuikani & Eduardo Uribe.
Recorded by Rubén Ayala (R.I.P.) at In Diavolo In Corpo Studios in Mexico City, Mexico.
Mixed by Jon Harris at Rock Metal Studios in Edmonton, AB, Canada.
Mastered by Lasse Lammert at LSD-Studio in Lübeck, Germany.

Cem Anahuac My Home | Released on August 27th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Cem Anahuac | 02. Burning Flame| 03. Huitzilin | 04. The Eagle & The Snake | 05. Calm In My Storm | 06. La Bruja | 07. Blood

All Music by: Ramón Estrada, Marko Cipäktli & Pat Cuikani
Lyrics by: Marko Cipäktli & Pat Cuikan

Special Guest:
Etell Melendez (Archetype) – Gutturall Vocals in Cem Anahuac

Cabrakaän are:
Pat Cuikani – Lead Vocals/Ocarinas | Marko Cipäktli – Drums/Guttural Vocals | Alex Navarro – Guitar | Paolo Belmar – Guitar | Rex Darr – Bass

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    CABRAKAÄN has released an amazing, fun, well-written album with influences from various folk styles aligned with Death Metal. It’s definitely one of the best releases of the year in the style and the band deserves all the attention they are getting from the media and the public …read more

  2. darkdoomgrinddeath

    In my opinion Cabrakaan are a very great sounding mixture of folk, symphonic, melodic black and death metal and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band …read more

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