Of Sinners And Madmen


01. Story Of A Madman | 02. Drops Of Rain | 03. Back From Limbo | 04. The Hammer | 05. Clown Of The Seasons | 06. Bullies From Hollywood | 07. Green Fairy | 08. Bad Toy | 09. The Cowboy’s Law | 10. Ignorance

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The new album from Bridge Of Diod is entitled Of Sinners And Madmen and will be out on November 30th via Sliptrick Records. It is not a concept album per-se but covers themes such as emotions and sensations shared by the rather disparate lives lead over the two years in which the disc was written. It is comprised of simple themes from everyday occurrences pushed out in pure metal-head style. Delusions of omnipotence created on strong alcoholic evenings, opposing introspective situations with intimate and darker colors.

The album covers a few genres which draw from the old to the new, via thrash riffs and heavy metal, blues atmospheres and sometimes even an ethnic, hard rock base. The band utilize these genres without losing their own distinctive take on the metal sound.

Bridge Of Diod have worked long and hard perfecting the sound and themes for Of Sinners And Madmen. Now they finally feel the album is ready to be unveiled to the Heavy Metal masses!

Bridge Of Diod are an Italian metal band, characterized since their beginning, by the drummer doubling as lead singer. The sound ranges from heavy to thrash metal while maintaining a strong hard rock attitude. The band was created in 2010 by Stefano Barbero, Luigi Barbero and Davide Leoncino.

Of Sinners And Madmen | Released November 30th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Story Of A Madman | 02. Drops Of Rain | 03. Back From Limbo | 04. The Hammer | 05. Clown Of The Seasons | 06. Bullies From Hollywood | 07. Green Fairy | 08. Bad Toy | 09. The Cowboy’s Law | 10. Ignorance

Recorded and mixed at Domination Studios by Simone Mularoni.

Bridge Of Diod are:
Barbero Stefano – Drum/Lead Vocals | Barbero Luigi – Guitar | Leoncino Davide – Guitar | Riva Sebastiano – Bass Guitar

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube








    Un heavy/thrash (o “thrash melodico”, se più vi piace), suonato in maniera eccezionale e cantato molto bene. Quando poi ho scoperto che a cantare è il batterista (che fa un grandissimo lavoro dietro le pelli!) …read more


    Il lavoro dei Bridge of Diod non è però da sottovalutare, in quanto il tentativo di creare una propria personalità servendosi di due generi difficilissimi da svecchiare come l’heavy ed il thrash è in gran parte riuscito e l’impressione generale ad un ascolto approfondito di Of Sinners and Madmen è che il gruppo si sia salvato dal rischio di stagnamento e monotonia che con i suddetti generi è sempre dietro l’angolo …read more


    Song after song, “Of Sinners And Madmen” makes it virtually impossible for one to hit the “stop” or “skip track” button. Filled to the brim with a captivating metal rage, and able to change its tune with the shifting winds, this record is clearly beyond well thought out, and gives the listener such an enjoyable experience by its close that the only button one might think of pushing as its end draws near is “repeat all”. There is no question here; BRIDGE OF DIOD aim to please with this one, and their aim is true. A bona fide monster of a progressive metal album …read more


    I can’t say Bridge Of Diod plays some kind of genre which I could describe by just one word. I can hear: a) heavy metal, b) thrash metal, c) hard rock, and all these genres comes inside just one album, made by Bridge Of Diod. It’s pretty cool to hear how does hard rock tunes switching into heavy/thrash metal madness …read more


    This is stuffed with up to date ideas whilst staying true to the heavy. There’s a lot going on, tonnes of variety and it should satisfy the oldies as it will new fans of the heavier genres …read more


    Musically, this is quite a classy affair, in a not very serious fun-time Metal sort of way. The guys can certainly play, and the quality of the musicianship really lifts this higher than I was expecting. So if you want to switch off and just have some very Metal music to share a beer with, this one fits the bill …read more


    Non stupisce il fatto che in Italia ci siano moltissime metal band con attitudine e voglia di emergere, in ogni angolo della nostra penisola esistono delle perle che aspettano solo di essere scoperte e questa è una di quelle, centrando un lavoro che (nonostante sia il primo) risulta personale e ben riuscito …read more

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