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Black Light Ablaze T-Shirt


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Black Light (IT) Metalcore

Black Light is a Metalcore band from Ferrara, Italy. The project started in 2012, when two brothers, Nicholas Casarin (guitar) and Mattia Casarin (drums) who shared the same passion for music, began to create the core of the groups sound. After various changes, singer Lou Oddon, decided to quit his home country of France and join the party. Two years later Matteo Perini became the official bassist, giving the band its current stable line-up.

In the early days, Black Light’s music gravitated from an alternative rock style toward a more trash metal/alternative metal sound, but their evolution was just beginning as they started to get inspired by bands like Miss May I, Asking Alexandria and Architects. Seduced by the power of the breakdown, their verses became deeper, heavier and angrier with more lyrical social meaning, while their choruses began to feature strong and memorable melodies, revealing warmth in the Black Light cannon. The band is now predominantly of the metalcore genre without forgetting their roots, giving the audience a more intense experience between light and dark.

Black Light are:
Lou Oddon – Vocals | Nicholas Casarin – Guitar | Matteo Perini – Bass | Mattia Casarin – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | VK | Twitter | On Sliptrick




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