Live To Tell The Story


01. Echoes | 02. Live To Tell The Story | 03. If I Fall | 04. One Last Time | 05. Reverie | 06. Leaves Of Lothlorien | 07. Labyrinth | 08. When Rivers Turn Red | 09. Consolation | 10. Forever Dream

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While it is not particularly intended as a concept album, each of the tracks on Live To Tell The Story are inspired by themes of stories and sagas as metaphors for universal human experiences. On the album, the band delves into the symphonic metal genre with with aggressiveness and an sonic intensity like never before, to take you on an epic musical journey.

Live To Tell The Story was mixed and mastered by Jarek Musil with additional audio editing by Radek Zak and Jakub Maggi Malasek. The logo and graphic design was by Greg Witwer.

Track by track:
The first single from the new album, Echoes, was released as a music video in advance of the full album. The song is about how music can transcend time and encompasses all of human experience. The remainder of the album continues that theme through songs that call to mind famous stories such as the myth of Icarus, or the Lord of the Rings, as well as songs that dive deep into the universal experiences of love and loss.

The title track, Live To Tell The Story, is set at the edge of anticipation starting a great adventure with an uncertain end.

If I Fall is inspired by the myth of Icarus. It is a metaphor for the general experience of trying to achieve great heights in life against all the forces that would knock you down or discourage you.

One Last Time is a scene inspired by Norse mythology, imagined from the perspective of a dying warrior, who is looking out into the distance hoping for the final sight to be the wings of the Valkyrie and to be chosen to go to Valhalla.

The album features guest vocalist, Dakota Brown, an operatic baritone, in a duet on the ballad Reverie. While Reveriewas initially written as a solo vocal, the arrangement as a duet brought a whole new dimension to the lyrics which describe the moment of falling into a dream or into love, or maybe they are indistinguishable. Dakota also lent his voice to the background of Echoes.

Leaves Of Lothlorien is inspired by the Lord of the Rings, and borrows the concept of Gimli’s love interest in Galadriel for a completely re-imagined love song.

Labyrinth is one of the more aggressive songs on the album, and explores a darker experience of crazy-making. In this song, a drama unfolding between the male and female vocals, as a protagonist/antagonist duet.

When Rivers Turn Red reaches into the controversial area of the effects of war. The band doesn’t intend to make any sort of political statement through the song, but rather to explore the personal devastation and emotion experienced by people displaced by violence.

The realm of emotions is laid bare in Consolation, which is the most deeply personal song on the album. It goes to the place of deep pain and loss, looking for consolation and answers even when there is none to be found.

The final track on the album, Forever Dream is a solo vocal and orchestra piece with a mystical and existential question of what happens when everything in life has come to an end.

Live To Tell The Story | Released September 23rd 2019 via Sliptrick Records

Track listing:
01. Echoes | 02. Live To Tell The Story | 03. If I Fall | 04. One Last Time | 05. Reverie | 06. Leaves Of Lothlorien | 07. Labyrinth | 08. When Rivers Turn Red | 09. Consolation | 10. Forever Dream

Guest vocals by Dakota Brown on Echoes and Reverie

Beyond Forgiveness are:
Talia Hoit – Vocals/Orchestration | Greg Witwer – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals | Richard Marcus – Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals | Sean Rogers – Drums/Percussion | Jim Lasselle – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | Twitter | VK |  On Sliptrick








    Nesse sentido, “Live to Tell the Story” varia entre partes genéricas e outras instigantes, mas quando acertam a mão o resultado é artisticamente brilhante dentro do Heavy Metal, como em “Echoes” e “If I Fall”, por exemplo. Vale muito conferir esse disco se você gosta de Metal Sinfônico com pitadas de gótico noventista …read more


    Maar een goede middenmoter is Beyond Forgiveness heel zeker zodat deze ‘Live To tell The Sory’ zeker niet uit de toon zal vallen in een collectie symphonic metal. Meteen een mooi vervolg op het debuut van het gezelschap …read more


    It is undeniable that the band have put their spirit into the concept. In a world where we hear plenty of soulless groups release an album just to have one, it is very impressive to hear an album like “Live To Tell The Story” …read more


    Overall, this is a solid and thoroughly enjoyable album. Particular highlights include ‘Echoes’, ‘Reverie’, ‘Leaves of Lothlorien’ and ‘Forever Dream’. The whole album is a compelling listen with each song having a memorable hooky vocal line. If dramatic symphonic music is your cup of tea then don’t miss this one …read more

  5. rockvibrationsofficial

    Seus conceitos são bem assimilados e se mantém na atualidade, deixando mais um ponto positivo para os fãs da vertente, além de construírem uma ambientação que por vezes soa pesada e também melódica, tendo os já esperados climas épicos …read more


    “Leaves of Lothlorien,” takes the cherry and smashes down the doors with the piano work in the very beginning, twisting the world into and around the place. Bringing some fascinating little changes to the arrangement and then destroying it all again. “Labyrinth,” moves into an increasing frenzy, designed to take the cake and then eat it all away, producing something that chimes and changes. “When Rivers Turn Red,” bounds around and takes the world by storm. “Consolation,” shifts the grapevine and produces a whirlwind of place and time. “Forever Dream,” a shifting tenor …read more

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