High Rollers


01. American Days | 02. Lost Again | 03. Wild Rose | 04. Midnight Rider | 05. Solitary Fields | 06. Now Or Never | 07. Blood Trails | 08. Wolf Town | 09. Story Of A Broken Bone | 10. Rock’n Me

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Following a stellar 2017, which saw Italian hard rock group Bad Bones tour worldwide with their last album Demolition Derby(Sliptrick Records 2016), the band are now ready to release their latest full-length groove machine given the title High RollersDemolition Derby garnered a great response from both established fans and the press, so anticipation has been high for the new release. We’re happy to say, it won’t disappoint!

High Rollers is a no compromise, tough and heavy record that will literally shake your bones. The amazing voice of Max Malmerenda (very close to Badland’s singer Ray Gillen) will lead you on a journey made of furious hard rock and outstanding melodies.

If you can imagine Van Halen, Scorpions, Mororhead and a glimpse of Iron Maiden mixed together, you’ll be getting close to the unique sound of Bad Bones. Sergio Aschieris Guitar riffs and solos touch perfection and the pounding bass of Steve Balocco united with the killer drumming of his brother Lele, produce a wall of sound that takes no prisoners.

High Rollers is a true hard rocking classic!

Track listing:
01. American Days | 02. Lost Again | 03. Wild Rose | 04. Midnight Rider | 05. Solitary Fields | 06. Now Or Never | 07. Blood Trails | 08. Wolf Town | 09. Story Of A Broken Bone | 10. Rock’n Me

Rock’n Me features Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth, Wonderworld), Tiziano Spigno (Extrema, Lucky Bastardz) & Simone Mularoni (DGM).

Mixed and produced by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio.

High Rollers | Released October 23rd, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Bad Bones current line-up:
Max Malmerenda – Vocals | Sergio Aschieris – Guitar | Steve Balocco – Bass | Lele Balocco – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Spotify | Youtube | On Sliptrick

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7 reviews for BAD BONES
High Rollers


    Con questo nuovo lavoro i Bad Bones sono riusciti a colpire nel segno, un album hard rock energico, di quelli che fanno cantare dall’inizio alla fine. “High Rollers” è potente e molto entusiasmante, in pieno stile anni ottanta, e farà certo parlare di sé …read more


    Bijna drie kwartier stampende dampende rock in tien aanstekelijke nummers. Het beluisteren van dit album is beslist geen straf dus waar wacht je nog op …read more


    Per ora vi do’ un comando perentorio: comprate il cd, supportate la band, fate sapere al mondo intero che se il “Rock non è morto” è anche grazie a gruppi come gli italianissimi Bad Bones …read more


    Chi l’avrebbe detto che dal quel demo numerato, con i titoli dei brani scritti a mano, si sarebbe arrivati qui. Sono convinto che ancora altri capitoli arriveranno, ma per ora godiamoci questo e come dicono quelli che giocano forte e vogliono rischiare il tutto per tutto: all-in! …read more

  5. vianocturna2000

    O sucessor do brilhante Demolition Derby volta a mostra uns Bad Bones inspirados e a rockar a sério. E, seguramente, High Rollers não desapontará os fãs da banda nem quem gosta de bom hard rock/heavy metal. Construído com base num coletivo com grande qualidade de execução, High Rollers é composto por 10 malhas de um frenético hard rock pincelado por linhas melódicas, que se vão desenvolvendo sem compromissos …read more


    As the album closes with a ballsy cover of the STEVE MILLER BAND classic “Rock ‘N Me” it actually makes perfect sense a homage to the FM Radio sounds of the past which has influenced the sound and style of this outfit, the shared vocal on the song shows BAD BONES are enjoying themselves here and throughout the album, they are on the cusp of greatness, nothing getting too cocky about it but simply enjoying the ride.
    Lovers of old-school eighties that want a fresh sound this is right up your street …read more


    “High Rollers” out via Sliptrick Records, features some of the band’s very best tracks and is entertainingly catchy throughout its duration. In a world filled with the resurgence blends of nu metal, it’s nice to see a band who can change the cards, and come out with a good blend of mesmerizing hard rock. Bad Bones are currently the best band on block for the job …read more

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