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Demolition Derby


01. Me Against Myself | 02. Endless Road | 03. Some Kind of Blues | 04. Stronger | 05. Rambling Heart | 06. Rusty Broken Song | 07. Red Sun | 08. A Perfect Alibi | 09. Shoot You Down | 10. The Race | 11. Demolition Derby

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These days it seems that whenever a rock band puts out an album there is an expectation that it should be ‘experimental’ or ‘different.’ But what about back when most of us fell in love with rock. Think back to the 80s, back then when you parted with your hard-earned and bought a rock album you wanted something fun and something that you could sing along to. Rock was simple, but boy it was bloody fun. While some bands these days are taking the ‘experimental’ road Italian rockers Bad Bones are going back to the time when things were a little more simple. The result is Demolition Derby one of the finest damn rock albums of 2016.

Bad Bones don’t mess around, they know what a rock fan wants… an album they can stick their teeth into and perhaps even play some air guitar to and that my friends Demolition Derby delivers in loads.

The first thing that hits you about Bad Bones is how American these Italians sound. Opening track Me Against Myself launches into an American rock sound that wouldn’t sound out of place on that famous Top Gun soundtrack while thoughts of early Bon Jovi are conjured up as leader singer Max Malmerenda preaches to the converted with the line ‘rock and roll ain’t going to die.’

‘Some Kind Of Blues’ sees Bad Bones get a little darker and poetic as they talk about ‘snakes in the garden’ but ‘Stronger’ sees guitarist Serjoe Aschieris reach full flight with some screaming solos that certainly puts his talents on show for all to see. Those talents are also on show during the very catchy ‘A Perfect Alibi’.

One of the better tracks on the album is ‘Rambling Heart’ where the looping guitar sound and Malmerenda’s whispering vocals allows Bad Bones to create their own ‘thing’ for awhile but then the band returns to that classic 80s rock sound on ‘Shoot You Down’ and the power ballad ‘Red Sun.’

Bad Bones are certainly a rock band to watch. Their willingness to not bow to conformity and instead deliver that classic rock sound of the past should be enough to see their fourth album make a big splash in Australia. This is the kind of rock album that radio stations like Triple M need to be adding to their playlist because this is a band that every rock fan in Australia needs to know about ASAP. Demolition Derby is one of the must haves for rock fans in 2016.
Dave Griffiths for heavymag.com.au

Demolition Derby | Released November 7th, 2016 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Me Against Myself | 02. Endless Road | 03. Some Kind of Blues | 04. Stronger | 05. Rambling Heart | 06. Rusty Broken Song | 07. Red Sun | 08. A Perfect Alibi | 09. Shoot You Down | 10. The Race | 11. Demolition Derby

Bad Bones are:
Max Malmerenda – Vocals | Sergio Aschieris – Guitar | Steve Balocco – Bass | Lele Balocco – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Spotify | Youtube







  1. rockandmetalinmyblood.com

    Se siete amanti dell’Hard Rock, questo lavoro dei Bad Bones fa sicuramente al caso vostro, se invece viaggiate su orizzonti diversi è più “intricati”, il disco fa al caso vostro comunque, perchè in fondo un ritorno alle radici ogni tanto fa sempre bene ai propri ascolti …read more

  2. tempelores.com

    Bad Bones have a brand new album out. “Demolition Derby” is the name of this brand new piece of music. Make sure to check it out. You will enjoy it …read more

  3. metal-temple.com

    Their finest moments: the catchy energetic duo of “Me Against Myself” and “Endless Road” (both with excellent vocals and guitar riffs, and amazing choruses showing fine backing vocals), the heavy and really hypnotizing “Some Kind of Blues” (where bass guitar and drums are doing an excellent work), the energy with a scent of aggressiveness on “Stronger”, the evident musical accessibility on “Rusty Broken Song” and “A Perfect Alibi”, and… Wait a moment! Listen to the entire album, you all! The band’s work is really excellent …read more

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