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01. No Way Out | 02. Black Mist | 03. B. Case | 04. Seven Stones | 05. The Doctor | 06. Room 46 | 07. Asylum | 08. The Box | 09. Hide The Light

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After the excellent results of the debut album Planet Zero (© 2016 Sliptrick Records), Italian progressive rock group ART release their second entitled Asylum which arrives with a fresh concept whilst still linked to it’s previous story-line.

For the Asylum line up, we find Denis Borgatti (vocals and piano), Enrico Lorenzini (keyboards), Roberto Minozzi (guitar) and new members Diego Quarantotto (bass) and Ivano Zanotti (drums), as well as two world-famous guests, Stef Burns (Alice Cooper, Huey Lewis and the News, Vasco Rossi, etc) and Vince Pàstano (Vasco Rossi, Luca Carboni etc.) that contributed to the creation of the new album with great enthusiasm.

Modern prog rock sounds intersect with enchanting melodies, the structures of the tracks are refined and give space to the talent of the musicians remaining sleek and accessible. Asylum is an album for those who love sophisticated and quality music.

Asylum | Released October 19th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track listing:
01. No Way Out | 02. Black Mist | 03. B. Case | 04. Seven Stones | 05. The Doctor | 06. Room 46 | 07. Asylum | 08. The Box | 09. Hide The Light

Art are:
Denis Borgatti – Vocals | Enrico Lorenzini – Keyboards | Roberto Minozzi – Guitar | Ivano Zanotti – Drums | Diego Quarantotto – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | On Sliptrick







  1. theprogressiveaspect.net

    The level of composition and the quality of writing to which we are treated is enormously demanding; maintaining that level of excellence and inventiveness is always going to be difficult across an entire album. Art have done a magnificent job of crafting an astute and discerning album which excels in the way it manages to create a seamless marriage of music and narrative to the point where the one supplements, completes and then develops the other …read more

  2. tuttorock.com

    Quando cinque virtuosi si mettono assieme possono nascere cose meravigliose, il groove straordinario che Ivano riesce ad imprimere e di cui sta raccogliendo i meritati successi, le corde usate in maniera perfetta da Diego e Roberto, le immancabili tastiere prog di Enrico e, last but not least, la perfetta interpretazione vocale di Denis. Questo Asylum può essere messo ai primi posti nella lista degli album da ascoltare …read more

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