Vas Hermeticum


01. Corridor | 02. Maze Of Gyri | 03. A Walk On The Crystalline Path | 04. Soporific | 05. The Aether Apparatus | 06. End Of Transference | 07. Ammon’s Eclipse | 08. Multipolar | 09. Non-Construct | 10. Into The Shelter Of A Mind

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Amplified Memory are primed and ready for the release of their forthcoming album Vas Hermeticum. The German prog rockers have worked long and hard on Vas Hermeticum and feel they have put together their best recorded work yet, pushing and embellishing on their already wide-ranging and complex style. Dreams, recurring patterns, reminiscences, desires, the question about reality or simply the longing for the vast, undiscovered universe. These are the focus of German group Amplified Memory, who have been working on their own musical conception of melodic death metal since 2008. Regardless of whether the songs are doom/black metal ballads, stomping mid-tempo beasts or fast death metal, Amplified Memory stand for an innovative mixture of different metal sub-genres with a focus on 90’s melodic death metal.

Here’s the album description in the bands own words; “The psyche of a person can metaphorically be understood as a hermetically sealed alchemic glass vessel – a ‘vas hermeticum’ – in which the condensation processes resemble the human ability to intellectualize (sublimate) and then realize (concretize) psychic content, therefore to reflect on it. Alchemists called this procedure inside this symbolic cosmic uterus ‘solve et coagula’. Amplified Memory’s highly conceptual album Vas Hermeticum deals with the philosophical nature of dream and reality. On nine energetic, emotional, captivating songs and a hypnotically beautiful intro track they explore the world of hallucinations, near-death experiences and oneiric states as well as the questions for self-perception and the separation of those realms from what we call reality.”

Vas Hermeticum | Released October 20th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Corridor | 02. Maze Of Gyri | 03. A Walk On The Crystalline Path | 04. Soporific | 05. The Aether Apparatus | 06. End Of Transference | 07. Ammon’s Eclipse | 08. Multipolar | 09. Non-Construct | 10. Into The Shelter Of A Mind

Amplified Memory are:
Wolfgang Paulini – Vocals | Christoph Lamprecht – Guitar | Eley Ellmer – Guitar | Felix Indra – Drums | Michael Bichler-Thal – Bass | Simon Bodesheim – Keyboard and Piano

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    To sum up this is good album for sure. But this is only for open-minded people who like influences of mentioned above genres and maybe unexpected in some way displays in Metal …read more


    In der Gesamtheit haben Amplified Memory mit „Vas Hermeticum“ ein wirklich starkes Album komponiert, welches sich konzeptionell mit der philosophischen Natur von Traum und Realität in Form von beispielsweise Halluzinationen oder Nahtoderfahrungen beschäftigt, und das sich all die zahlreichen Insomnium-Jünger, aber auch alle anderen Liebhaber des abwechslungsreichen Melodic Deaths definitiv auf ihre Post-Christmas-Liste setzen sollten. Hierbei kann man echt nix falsch machen …read more


    La banda se ha esforzado en elaborar un contexto uniforme y prolífico, nos encontramos con piezas decoradas sin parar por increíbles efectos y estilos polivalentes. Es muy notable su variedad intrínseca, el especial detalle al formular conceptos e ideas retorcidas pero sin excederse es el punto clave, por lo que podemos escuchar casi 60 minutos de música sin notar ni la más mínima aura de repetición. Es único de principio a fin …read more


    “Vas Hermeticum” is a great sophomore effort from Amplified Memory, with plenty of melodies and very interesting compositions all throughout. A worthy item for collectors who value and enjoy, for lack of a more concise term, “weird shit” …read more


    Vas Hermeticum provides a smorgasbord of influences all held together by a discernible melodeath sensibility; a sonic attempt to replicate the observation of consciousness and altered states. The one thing that remains almost constant throughout is the vocal style, which is clearly rooted in Death Metal elocution …read more


    In my opinion Amplified Memory are a very great sounding melodic and progressive death metal band with elements of black and doom metal and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE “Maze Of Gyri” “The Aether Apparatus” “Ammon’s Eclipse” and “Into The Shelter Of A Mind”. 8 out of 10 …read more


    „Vas Hermeticum“ von AMPLIFIED MEMORY überzeugt somit über das stilvolle Artwork hinaus auch auf musikalischer Ebene mit nur wenigen Abstrichen. Es ist nicht unbedingt ein Album, in das man sich auf Anhieb schwer verlieben wird, die Beschäftigung damit lohnt sich aber für jeden, der sehr gut gemachten Melodic Death Metal schätzt und sich dabei nicht scheut, hin und wieder über den Tellerrand hinaus zu blicken …read more

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