The Art Of Trees


01. For Now | 02. Deformed To Frame | 03. One More Time | 04. Today | 05. Evelyn | 06. Not Me | 07. The Shade | 08. The Art Of Trees | 09. Away From Me | 10. Burnout

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Experimental progressive rock/metal group Althea are back with a new line-up, a clarity of concept and an evolution of sound on their new album The Art of Trees, released worldwide via Sliptrick Records on January 8th, 2019.

The Art of Trees defines the unique and personal sound of Althea in 10 new tracks with amazing arrangements and impressive variations in style and sonic landscape. All the lyrics and atmospheres evoke a wide range of images that may be far in terms of space, but still clear and touching in the life of everyone of us.

All instruments recorded by Dario Bortot.
All lyrics written by Alessio Accardo & Dario Bortot.
Mixed & mastered by Danilo di Lorenzo at Moonhouse Studios.

Guests who participated in the album include:
Michele Guaitoli (mighty and tireless!) (Temperance, Kaledon, Overtures) – Vocals on Away From Me.
Tommy Nemesio (Kaledon) – Guitar solo on Away From Me.
Paolo Campitelli (Kaledon) – synth only on Away From Me
Dario Toscano – Sax only on The Shade

Althea also wish to thank Meek, Tommy, Paolo and Dario for their friendship, professionalism, availability … as well as for their exceptional contribution to the album.

The Art of Trees – “Watching in reverse the scenes of a lived life while it becomes a living life again. From the five stages of grief when everything is over and lost, going backward through all the stages of life until is time to born and become the human being we are destined to be.”

The Art Of Trees | Released January 8th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track listing:
01. For Now | 02. Deformed To Frame | 03. One More Time | 04. Today | 05. Evelyn | 06. Not Me | 07. The Shade | 08. The Art Of Trees | 09. Away From Me | 10. Burnout

Soundscapes recorded by Dario Bortot in Predazzo, Bolzano & Brunico between January and May 2018.
Vocals recorded by Danilo di Lorenzo at Moonhouse Studios, Milan.
Paolo Campitelli’s keyboard solo and Tommy Nemesio’s guitar solo in Away From Me recorded by Paolo Campitelli at Paolo Campitelli’s Studio, Rome.
The Shade by Dario Dario Toscano.
Away From Me – Michele Guaitoli’s vocals recorded at The Groove Factory Studio, Udine.

Althea are:
Dario Bortot – Guitars/Synths/Keys/Programming/Soundscapes | Alessio Accardo – Vocals | Sergio Sampietro – Drums | Andrea Trapani – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | On Sliptrick







  1. heavenofheavymetal

    Un’evoluzione del genere in un periodo di tempo così breve è certamente un buon segnale per un gruppo che non ha paura di sperimentare e portare i suoi confini sempre un passo più in là …read more

  2. vianocturna2000

    The Art Of Trees tem muitas boas ideias e excelentes execuções. E sendo um disco de art rock progressivo tem tudo o que precisa: nota artística alta e progressões bem conseguidas …read more


    Bei mir läuft, während ich dies schreibe, jedenfalls ein Song in Dauerschleife, „Evelyn“ mein absoluter Favorit in diesem Album. Ein Song, der mich bei seinen schnelleren Passagen zum Zappeln animiert und mir in seinen ruhigen Passagen das Gefühl gibt, in einer Wohlfühlsauna zu sein …read more


    E quanta delicata poesia prima di tornare in modo circolare al riffing conosciuto un apertura. Potremmo parlare per ore di ogni singola traccia, ma sarebbe come descrivere un quadro… potreste cercare di visualizzarlo nella vostra mente, ma quando lo vedrete con i vostri occhi l’emozione asfalterà ogni vostro costrutto fantastico. Qui dovete solo ascoltare… ascoltare… ascoltare …read more


    The Art Of Trees is mijn kennismaking met Althea en ik was niet meteen verliefd op het geluid van de band, maar al gauw kreeg het album me in de greep en komt het album menig keer langs op een dag. Mag 2018 een goed muziekjaar zijn geweest. Met The Art Of Trees zal ook 2019 al bijzonder goed beginnen wanneer het album op 8 januari bij Sliptrick Records uitkomt …read more

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