01. Individual Born | 02. Syncopate | 03. Scent of Despair | 04. Near Death Experience | 05. Berserk | 06. She | 07. Brutal Engaged Abuse | 08. Cloud Nine | 09. Apocalypse in Human Features | 10. House of Lies

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Individual is the title of the brand new 6th Counted Murder studio effort. The sound is pure 6th Counted Murder, while at the same taking cues from classic heavy, thrash, and death metal, with some progressive tunes as well. It’s a concept album based on real stories adapted as the adventures of a lone and psychopathic serial killer.

Here’s the story in the band’s own words; “A Berserk, an anti-hero who lives his life moving in and out of the flashbacks of his disturbed mind. The Individual Born drags himself into a state of a Near-Death Experience. Raised to Cloud Nine and diverted from drugs, his world will be revealed no less than an Apocalypse In Human Features. His Syncopated introspective folly will sweat into the Scent Of Despair, which will result in a Brutal Engaged Abusewith psychological and physical violence. She, the preferred victim, will inevitably manipulate him mentally to the induction of suicide, because all that surrounds him is nothing but a House Of Lies.”

Individual features ten tracks that combine aggression and technique, where each member of 6th Counted Murderhad the complete freedom to participate in the writing and arranging process, thus creating a unique metal style. All the songs were recorded in the band’s exclusive headquarters, the Basement Studios, and produced at Domination Studios the mix and mastering entrusted to Simone Mularoni. So turn up the volume, and surrender yourself to the next murder…

Individual | Released February 8th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track listing:
01. Individual Born | 02. Syncopate | 03. Scent of Despair | 04. Near Death Experience | 05. Berserk | 06. She | 07. Brutal Engaged Abuse | 08. Cloud Nine | 09. Apocalypse in Human Features | 10. House of Lies

Music & Lyric by 6th Counted Murder
Recorded at 6thCM Basement Studio
Mixed & Mastered by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio

6th Counted Murder are:
Simone Dalamar Paga – Vocals | Andrea P. Moretti – Guitars | Marzio Corona – Guitars | Alessandro Ferraris – Bass | Gianluca D’Andria – Drums

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  1. metal-temple.com

    “Cloud Nine” supplies more riveting musical qualities; triggering transitions that traverse unprecedented soundscapes with unique tempos, traditional melodic Heavy Metal harmonies and a borderline foundation of formulaic Death Metal fundamentals. “Apocalypse In Human Features” comprises of excelling components; challenging charges of catchy, grunty pipes of profusely robust weight – monstrously meaty hooks infused into razor-sharp strikes of wildly rushing rumbling. Overall concluding “Individual” with the finale track: “House Of Lies”; I am compelled to say that 6TH COUNTED MURDER certainly outdone themselves here, embodying a dosage of hardened hymns of adroit ability – this here band delivered an enjoyably entertaining experience and eardrum shattering strength – definitely worth checking out …read more

  2. loudandproud.it

    Al netto di alcuni evidenti richiami (At The Gates, soprattutto), su ‘Individual’ i 6th Counted Murder mettono in mostra una personalità spiccata, oltre che un’ottima qualità. Ottimo ritorno, davvero. E tornando al preambolo iniziale, ecco che il disco finirà proprio nella riga del “6”, in alto a sinistra …read more

  3. metaleyes.iyezine.com

    Cinquanta minuti in compagnia dei 6th Counted Murder valgono l’acquisto di questo bellissimo secondo lavoro che, agognato, aspettato e voluto dalla band e dai suoi fans, rappresenta una conferma ed un ulteriore passo avanti …read more

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